kitchen hacks

7 Genius Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Working in the kitchen is not everybody’s cup of tea and anybody who shies away from this area of the house will be glad to have some useful little hacks at their disposal to make their life easier. Come to think of it, anyone would. Even those who spend their entire days inside the kitchen purely out of interest would love to have some clever hacks up their sleeve to minimize the workload so they can get done more that much faster.

bamboo toilet paper

Nine Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

On the journey to develop more environmentally friendly habits, bamboo has many advantages. Bamboo is forest-friendly, preventing the destruction of trees which protect our natural environment and serve as habitats for many species of animal

bamboo home decor

Go Green With Bamboo Home Decor

Bamboo is a fast growing and durable alternative to wood. Because it is a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo has become wildly popular for use in eco friendly products. While a harvested tree can take decades to regrow, bamboo can grow back in a fraction of the time.

Zero waste

Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Oasis

Every day we see our planet crying out for help: choking from smog, drowning in plastic-filled, polluted waterways, and being buried in landfill waste from a use-it-once, throw-it-away society. One of the best things we can do is adopt an eco-friendly or zero-waste lifestyle.


Eco Friendly Lighting to Save Earth

Today, going green and saving the environment have become the mantra of many people’s lives. If you are also one of them, who is environmentally conscious and wants to live a green life, then surely you are doing everything you can to save the planet.

go vegetarian

Why go vegetarian?

For many people, a plant-based diet seems boring, expensive and difficult. These are just myths that can be easily refuted. Below we present you top reasons to become a vegan.

Gutter Installation

Gutter Installations – Find the Types of Rain Gutter That Fit for your Needs

It’s summer now and the right time to get ready for the rainy season. In a month or less, the onset of the rainy season is expected. Rain gutters are beneficial to channelize the running water from your roofs to its proper place. This is very important to keep the risk of a flooded basement and damaged siding low.


5 Ways You Can Avoid Food Waste

Wasting food is one of the biggest global problems today. Billions of tons of food land in landfills every year. However, throwing away food is not only harmful to the environment. Together with wasting food we waste also our money! In today’s post, we will share with you 5 ways you can avoid food waste.

Great Environmental Quotes

21 Great Environmental Quotes

These environmental quotes will inspire You To Help Save The Planet. Small steps can turn into bigger steps.

how to avoid green washing

How to Avoid Greenwashing

We take care of the Earth as much as we can. We also try to choose ecological products with environmentally friendly packaging. And what if someone would like to earn a dishonest profit on our eco thinking?

eco-friendly kayaking

Top Eco-Friendly Sports

Do you want to become fit in a green way? You have a plenty of eco-friendly options to choose from! Check our list of sustainable sports and activities which allow you to stay in shape and also reduce carbon footprint.

eco-friendly home improvement

Eco-Friendly Home Improvement

Today, people are more environmentally conscious than ever. They make sure that what they eat, drive, and even build is all sustainable and friendly to the environment. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest green trends happening in the home improvement industry.

eco-friendly cleaning

Earth-Friendly Cleaning in the Kitchen

There are hundreds of products available to clean your house. Most of the ones on the grocery store shelf contain harmful chemicals and toxic compounds, and some of the most dangerous are made for the kitchen and the bathroom.

natural skin care

Budget Friendly Tips: Using Household Items for Hair and Skincare

If you’re looking to save some money on skincare without compromising the quality of your skin, then consider shopping for products in your own bathroom or food pantry. There are great ways to care for your skin and hair using everyday household items in place of more expensive products you might normally use.

tidy kitchen

When To Know It Is Time For Clutter Clearing

It is common for people to start rearranging and clearing out their closets to make room for new acquisitions. This is something that is constantly happening all over the world. Have you been in a home where there were so many things, you had to move through the room as if it were a maze?

Minimalist Lifestyles

Minimalist Lifestyles—Here’s What to Know

Minimalism lifestyle can be wonderful. Unfortunately, sometimes you can also experience its disadvantages. It is worth knowing about them so as not to be unpleasantly surprised. Minimalists are the enemies of the greatest epidemic of our civilization – consumption.

garden furnitures

How to Decorate Your Garden with New Patio for Ultimate Relaxation

Whenever we go to visit some historical or tourist places, there is a pond, waterfall, or any source of water nearby that draws our attention. A small artificial lake in the middle of the garden seems very beautiful. If we make a small pond in the middle of our garden and fill it with water and put water hyacinth or lotus flowers, then the beauty of the garden increases further.

tips for gardening

Wanna Save Some Money? Try These 12 Simple Tricks For Gardening!

Grow your garden love doing planting and maintaining your garden yourself. No doubt that a professional gardener knows all the nuts and bolts but there are a lot of things that you can do yourself in your cozy fresh gardens or lawns. Refresh this summer in your gardens blooming breathtaking flowers and yummy veggies. Take help from these simple gardening tips and tricks given below. Sure, it will help!

eco-friendly laundry

Eco Friendly Laundry Tips

We do our laundry at least once a week, but do we think about the fact that chemicals we use cause long-term damage not only to our body, but also to the environment? What can you do to change it? Today we’ll show you some eco-friendly laundry tips. Keep on reading to find out more!


Environment-Friendly Packaging

Packaging is an important element of the product - it protects it during transport and storage. What is more, attractive packaging with a catchy slogan encourages you to choose a specific product. Unfortunately, most of the unnecessary and used packaging, especially from households, is not properly managed. That is why the customers awareness about the environment is growing. When they do shopping online they look for sustainable brands and also packaging.


5 Ideas for Eco Friendly Summer Fun

Summer can be one of the easiest times of the year to introduce some ecological life into your life. We all understand that it can be difficult to get started on the path of ecological life, but with these 5 simple activities, you can transform your summer into an ecological summer.

Kids reading eco-books

12 Best Eco-friendly Children’s Books

Here is a few of our favorite environmental reads for toddlers and children to read.

what to do with unwanted clothes

What To Do With Unwanted Clothes?

Before you throw your clothes in the trash, think if it is worth it. Clothes break down long time, which catastrophically affects the environment. Depending on what you have in your wardrobe you can donate unwanted clothes and help those in need or earn money.

Kitchen remodeling ideas

Things to Know Before You Re-design Your Kitchen in the Budget

If you feel that your home kitchen or pantry is no longer as efficient and modern as it needs to be, it is probably the right time for a detailed renovation. Commonly used kitchen appliances and storage cupboards become outdated over time, and you cannot use them further.

decoration your ceiling

12 Attractive Ceiling Decoration Ideas You Should Try for Your Home Design

We’ve heard it said that the ceiling would be your 5th wall of the room. And most folks maintain them plain, paint them white, and forget about these. Ceiling decorations are the last thing on our heads when remodeling a room.

Tips for Practicing Green Business

Tips for Practicing Green Business

Green businesses tend to prioritize the planet over maximizing profits. In order to reduce their impact on the environment, eco-friendly businesses take action to lower their carbon footprint, reduce waste, and even create a positive impact. Given the climate crisis, finding ways to go green are more important than ever.


An Interview with a Company Director of DNS Create- Eugenia Zhenya Bulah

The topic of sustainable and eco friendly living has been around for a while, but is still pretty new. I try to progressively take care of being a conscious consumer, study about the subject and share the findings on my blog with my readers.


Tips for Sustainable Eating Out

Sustainable eating habits can be hard to maintain when you are eating out but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up going out with your friends.

6 ways to organize kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards with Six Smart Ways

A kitchen is one of the more under-appreciated spaces in a home — you use it every day, but don’t often give much time. Undoubtedly, kitchen is the busiest space in every home. And, in his busiest place, storage space plays a very crucial role. If your kitchen is not perfectly organized, then it would not be suitable for your daily kitchen tasks.

cotton bag

The Advantage of Using Cloth Bags

First we’ll start with what are the disadvantages of plastic bags. Plastic bags are not at all environment friendly because they are not bio-degradable. Non- biodegradable products bring destruction to the environment and create hazards.

an interview with stylist

An Interview with a Professional Fashion Stylist, Editor and Founder of Online Personal Stylist – Luisa Kearney

In today’s interview we speak to Luisa Kearney a professional fashion editor and stylist. She is a full-time blogger at Online Personal Stylist.

A Guide To Living Greener

A Guide To Living Greener, One Small Change At A Time

Climate change is a hugely pressing concern. Not only are our summers getting continually warmer, so too are our winters.


How to be Eco-Friendly with Kids

Do you want to teach your children how to be conscious about the environment? Like every other good habit, the best way to teach your kids how to live eco-friendly is to be a role model yourself.

declutter your home

Declutter Your Bedroom In Less Than A Day

Walking into your bedroom and facing thrown clothing, trash, clutter and mess is energy draining and guilt-producing! Yet to declutter your bedroom can be accomplished in less than a day. So don’t put up with the mess any longer.

interview with blogger

An Interview with Blogger Craig J Todd of Eco Tech Daily

This week I spoke to Craig J Todd, the person behind the brilliant Eco Tech Daily blog.

grandma eco-friendly tips

7 Brilliant Frugal Tips from Grandma

Our grandmothers were zero waste before it became trendy! Although grandmothers did not segregate garbage into five containers, they did not pack sandwiches in beeswax.

Houseplant for home decor

Which Houseplants Should Buy for the Decoration of Your Home

What’s a better approach to using live plants to decorate your home? Houseplants can add texture and character and can be beneficial by increasing the quality of air and atmosphere vulnerability.

7 Days to Simplify

An Interview with Successful Blogger and Author of eCourse: 7 Days To Simplify Your Life Georgina Caro of

An interview with Successful Blogger and Author of Ecource 7 days to Simplify your life Georgina Caro.

why to choose slow fashion

Why to choose slow fashion?

Surely you know this situation – on impulse you buy a new dress or blouse, which you do not wear later because it turns out to be made of poor material, and the shape does not match your style.

top green blogs ideas

Top 20 Inspiring Green Bloggers

Are you looking for inspiring eco-wellness tips and tricks, eco gardening, recycling ideas from experts? Follow these blogs to find all you are looking for. These blogs are encouraging and helpful. Inspire us to live more consciously every day.

eco-friendly at collage

How to Be More Eco Friendly At Collage

As a college student, you probably spend a lot of time around your campus without thinking about living green. But being eco-friendly helps you save money and look after the environment.

eco-friendly at work tips

How to Be an Eco-Friendly At Work

Is your office eco-friendly place? To answer to this question, no matter if you are owner of company or employee, there are things you can do to make your workplace a greener place starting today. We present you some easy ways to go eco, because being waste away is good business!

Organic cosmetics

Benefits of Using Organic Cosmetics

Many people, especially women are now choosing organic cosmetics over conventionally manufactured ones because of the numerous benefits that it offer. Let me share to you some of them.

eco-friendly travel

Tips for Sustainable Travel

As a responsible traveler you probably want to reduce the amount of rubbish generated in many areas of your life. Flying is the most environmentally harmful way to move around. One air trip on a route within Europe pollutes the environment more than a day-to-day car ride all year round.

eco-friendly pet owner

How to Be Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Most of us consider our pets as family members, so we want them to be included in zero waste lifestyle. By replacing the products we use everyday to take care about pets, can have a huge impact on our planet.

eco-friendly party ideas

Top Tips for a Sustainable Party

Parties can be a waste of a lot of resources. However, the need to throw a party might be worth all the expenses that you have to make. Fortunately, there are ways by which you can host a party without wasting too much.

simple declutter tips

Declutter Your Home-Simply Tips

First of all – clean your wardrobe. Ask yourself if you really need this thing and when did you last use it? Be ruthless. The trick is to have only things that fit together and that you like.


Essential Furnishings for Your Guest Bathroom

First, I want to say thanks for writing to me. Responding to someone who follows my work is really one of my favorite things to do! Now, let’s get right to addressing your question. You said that you now have something of an “empty nest,” and have been working on doing some remodeling to create a dedicated guest room and guest bathroom space.

eco-friendly cleaning

Inexpensive Ways to Live more Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable lifestyle is very popular and, as it happens with trends, it is not the cheapest. Today we advise how to save money and live in harmony with the zero waste philosophy.


Simple Tips to Zero Waste Kitchen

Wasted food, plastic packaging… the kitchen is the biggest source of rubbish in our home. The numbers are terrifying. Every year, the average European throws away 16 tonnes of rubbish.

Reduce Chemicals In Your Home and Go Green Today

Cleaning products are complex mixtures of chemical compounds. We buy and use more and more of them without considering what impact it has on the environment and our health.


9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

Changing your cleaning habits or daily routines can significantly reduce environmental pollution. Eco-friendly bathrooms are not only a trend, but also a solution that will help us to live a healthy life.

zero-waste morning skin routine

Zero Waste Skin Care Routine: A Simple Tips

In this article, I want to show you the best way to start a zero waste skincare routine. You probably realized that rather than trying to replace all of the products in your bathroom, it would be better to minimize products.

Buy bamboo Product

Why to choose bamboo products​?

If you are looking for more eco-friendly products, you must have heard about stuff made of bamboo. There’re hundreds of products made of bamboo, ranging from household items, clothing, cosmetics or jewelry and ending with buildings – the possibilities are endless.

Eco-Friendly Presents

Eco friendly presents

Are you looking for an eco-friendly gift that is not harmful to the earth? If you’re worried about the environment, it can be difficult for you to buy more things for Christmas.

bamboo toothbrushes biodegradable

The Next Big Thing in Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush

You clean your teeth every day, but have you ever thought about the environmental impact caused by plastic toothbrush? All the plastic toothbrushes you’ve ever used in your life still exist in landfills or oceans as litter.

5 Essential Tips for Zero Waste

What is a zero waste? In the simplest terms, zero waste is a lifestyle that limits the amount of waste and minimize pollution of the environment.

How can I be more eco friendly when shopping?

If someone asked us if we would like to live greener, most of us would answer „yes”! We instinctively feel that what is produced in harmony with nature is beneficial to us and to our environment.

eco-friendly cleaning

Eco Friendly Cleaning Tips

Many of the products which are used for cleaning, contain toxic chemicals which are dangerous if touched or breathed in. When it comes to eco-friendly cleaning products,



An ecological footprint measures humans’ consumption of natural resources against the Earth’s ecological capacity to regenerate them.


Sustainable Living Ideas

Green living is about to live in harmony with nature, protection and preservation of Earth's natural resources and biodiversity with human culture and communities. However, the term has changed over time.

Reusable Cotton Make Up Pad : Expectations vs. Reality

f you are a woman, you probably spend at least few minutes each morning in the bathroom doing your make-up. The same thing repeats at the end of the day when you need to remove the make-up before going to sleep.

bamboo cotton buds

How Bamboo Cotton Buds Once Saved the World

We heard a lot of about how dangerous are plastic cotton buds for animals and our environment. The fact is that they’re one of things most polluting oceans.

How to stop Plastic Pollution?

Plastic is cheap and versatile but becoming an environmental issue.We are produce over 300 million tons of plastic every year.50 % of which is for single-use purposes.